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Therapy is in every aspect of our program and woven into the adventure time of fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, and swimming.

Where Boys Learn to Achieve and Control their Behavior

Operating year-round, boys ranches emphasize concern for assisting and helping the entire family. Residents often come with little ability to achieve academically, build meaningful relationships, control impulses, or form responsible moral codes.

The focus and intention is primarily on building character and family reunification.

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The development of character is measured through interaction between the staff and the residents in the following categories;

  • Following instructions
  • Making amends and taking accountability
  • Putting forth the effort to change attitudes and actions for the better
  • Respect for authority
  • Seeking self-respect and trustworthiness
  • Seeking wisdom
  • Treating others in a compassionate, loving, and respectful way
  • Using your abilities to learn compassion, encourage and serve

Educational, Emotional, Therapeutic, Recreational, Social, Spiritual, Vocational

boys ranches for troubled boys

The dimensions of our treatment include:

Educational: Classes are held on the ranch. 

Emotional: Our staff provides a healing environment for the youth.

Therapy: We offer clinical, spiritual, and group therapy on a continual basis as an important element of our program.

Recreational: Program activities offered include fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, and swimming. 

Social: Anti-social behaviors are addressed generally through our highly structured Relational/Behavioral/Consequential treatment program. Building social relationships based on character development is stressed.

Vocational: Residents have options in automotive, construction, culinary, life skills, and ranching. Residents are aided in the discovery of their aptitudes and given work experience opportunities. A strong work ethic is modeled and taught.


The boys enjoy a wide variety of activities, from hiking, camping, and rock climbing to horseback riding and fishing.

Equine – At boys ranches, the boys learn how to work with horses, groom them, and take care of them. The boys learn how to work with the horses and the horses teach them too since horses act as mirrors and reflect the boy’s attitudes right back to them. If they approach a horse with anger or disrespect, the horse will do the same to them. It is a wonderful therapeutic experience for the boys to understand how their actions are being picked up and affecting those around them.

Therapeutic Boys Ranch Services

boys ranches for troubled boys

The services provided to achieve these treatment goals include:

Domestic Services: Nutritional needs are met with well-prepared and balanced meals. Laundry services are also usually provided for each resident. Resident involvement in both areas may be expected.

Family Services: This includes family, group, and individual counseling with the purpose of addressing challenges and issues that have affected the family.  

Youth Services: Front-line staff provides 24/7 supervision of our residents. 

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Should you need help finding Christian boarding schools for boys, military boarding schools, military academies, troubled teenagers programs, military schools, or ranches for troubled boys, please let us know. Boys ranches, known for their unique approach to therapy and rehabilitation for young males, go by several other names that reflect their varied focus and methodologies. These include therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness therapy programs, residential treatment centers, youth ranches, and adventure-based therapy programs. Each of these names highlights a different aspect of the holistic approach these facilities take. Therapeutic boarding schools, for instance, emphasize the integration of academic education with therapy, catering to boys who may have fallen behind in their studies due to behavioral or emotional challenges. Wilderness therapy programs focus on outdoor expeditions and nature-based activities as a means of therapy, helping boys develop resilience, teamwork, and self-sufficiency. Residential treatment centers offer a more clinical setting, providing intensive therapy and counseling for more severe psychological or behavioral issues. Youth ranches and adventure-based therapy programs often incorporate elements of traditional ranch life or adventurous outdoor activities, respectively, using these experiences as vehicles for personal growth and emotional healing. Regardless of their title, these facilities share a common goal: to provide a safe, structured environment where boys can work through their challenges, develop positive coping strategies, and ultimately achieve a healthier, more balanced life.

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