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boys ranches for troubled boys

What ages do you work with?

Boys ranches are designed for boys, age 14-17.

Are parent loans available for Boys Ranches?

Yes, you usually get a loan from PROSPER HEALTHCARE.

Can my son bring a cell phone, iPod, or other media devices?

Usually not. One of the strengths of these programs is removing them from the negative things and people who have formed or contributed to their poor judgments and way of thinking.

Do boys ranches accept dangerous or especially violent boys?

No. The safety and well being of the boys in our programs is our top priority. We will not accept any admissions that could pose a threat to our students.

Do boys ranches use corporal punishment?


How do I enroll my son?

Contact our admissions department to complete a short interview. Our admissions staff will guide you through the rest of the admissions process.

How do you handle dentist or doctor appointments and medicines?

The residential staff arranges for doctor visits and transports students wherever they may need to go. The staff also distributes medicines according to prescription schedules and generally keeps an eye on the health of each student, caring for them in times of illness and ensuring they get medical attention when needed.

Parents are continually kept in the loop and must approve of all medical procedures, prescriptions and expenses.

How long do boys usually stay at a boys ranch?

Boys are typically enrolled for 12 months; however some are here for shorter periods and we see the most long-term success with students that complete the eighteen month, extended treatment program.

How soon could my son be enrolled in a boys ranch?

The admissions process usually moves very quickly. The time from application to enrollment is typically less than one week.

Are boys ranches coed?

No, they only have boy students on campus.

My son will refuse to go. Are there people who will transport him for me?

Yes, there are several teen transport agencies available to assist you. See our Admissions page for a recommended agency.

What role do parents play in their child’s stay?

Parents are invited to attend three Family Workshops. Parents are encouraged to participate phone calls with their child and also communicate with staff and counselor on a regular basis for updates on their child’s progress.

What types of activities are there for the residents?

Activities include, camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, swimming, as well as other lake and outdoor activities. We work very hard on issues and problems … but we also play hard.

What type of discipline is used?

Boys ranches use a system that not only teaches the boys consequences for inappropriate behavior and unwise choices, but also teaches them about respect and responsibility. They do not use corporal punishment, nor do they use the restriction of food or other necessities as a punishment.

Will my insurance company pay?

While some insurance companies will pay for all or part of the therapy fees, many will not. It is up to you to check with your insurance company. Please contact us if your insurance company requests additional information on our program or from our therapist.

Will A you accept my son if he is addicted to drugs?

The best way to determine this is by contacting our Admissions Department. Some drugs or abuse patterns require detoxification prior to admittance to A Boys Ranch. Our admissions staff can explain this in greater detail and make appropriate recommendations for your son if detoxification is needed beforehand.

Will you administer medications to my son?

Yes, staff members are trained in the safe handling of medications and will administer them to your son. All medications are kept locked securely at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions - A Boys Ranch

Frequently asked questions at A Boys Ranch for troubled teens.