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Academics are a key for every child’s future success, so we will help your boy get caught up and improve their grades.

The school setting here on the ranch is smaller and more functional for our residents. Many students have already discovered that they learn in different ways, and at different paces than their peers. Some struggle with ADD or ADHD.

Students come to realize their future depends on the choices they make today; and that healthy choices can change the course of their life.

The main objective is to provide a year-round school for the students of our program– one in which they can get caught up if they have fallen behind. We have designed our program to meet the following objectives:

  • To teach students how to learn and think analytically
  • To teach decision making for a positive future
  • To guide each student into career decisions appropriate to their abilities and gifts
  • To develop the self-concept of the learner through positive educational experiences
  • To give students a quality education in preparation to be productive members of society

We offer a general-education course specifically designed for the students’ unique needs. Although we do utilize traditional textbooks in our academic courses, we also use various non-traditional educational techniques which are designed to more fully engage the student in his education.

Every activity at a boys ranch is designed to be a teachable moment.

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Academics at the A Boys Ranch therapeutic boarding school.