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About Boys Ranches

Boys Ranches are therapeutic, but offer a disciplined ranch setting with a home-like environment. They are where troubled boys come to develop better life attitudes, grow in their belief, and turn around bad behaviors in a safe and nurturing environment.

Beautiful Rural Locations


Nestled in beautiful mountains or in the plains, boys ranches offer residential programs designed to help troubled boys.

For many families, placing their child in a residential program is absolutely the right choice and the best chance to help their son, while they can. Boys ranches can help you work through that decision, since we won’t take your child into our program unless he really needs help.

So, please consider the following questions as you make this difficult decision:

  • Is your son’s behavior out of control?
  • Is he running away or staying away from home without permission?
  • Are you walking on pins and needles in your home?
  • Is your boy liable to explode in anger without warning?
  • Are counseling and other outpatient treatments working, or is his behavior worsening?
  • Are the problems your child is facing persistent or even worsening despite his promises to change?
  • Are your son’s behaviors placing his health or life, or that of your family, at risk?
  • Is your son’s involvement in illegal, risky or immoral activities on the increase?
  • Have there been legal problems that have arisen due to your son’s behavior, or are there charges being brought or could be brought that could lead to incarceration?
  • Is your son deeply entangled with friends who are a negative influence, such that you simply cannot keep him away from them?
  • Does he keep returning to negative behaviors even after periods of time when he has been doing well?
  • Is your boy stealing money from you, or are valuables missing in the home?
  • Has your boy lost interest in school, sports and “normal” adolescent activities?
  • Have you found drug paraphernalia in his bedroom or his backpack?
  • Are prescription drugs missing in the home, or have you found pills that you don’t know what they are?
  • Are your son’s behaviors interfering with the completion of his education?
  • Has there been violence or the threat of violence in the home? Have you thought you might be safer to lock your bedroom door at night?
  • Has his actions or behaviors reached a point where you know that something more has to be done?

Boys Ranch Objectives

We teach the boys:

  • How to build healthy boundaries and relationships.
  • How to identify and control destructive behaviors and beliefs.
  • To honor and respect authority.
  • To treat everyone with compassion and respect.
  • Physical conditioning through proper nutrition, sports, and outdoor activities.
  • The value of a good work ethic.
  • To excel academically and vocationally.


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About Boys Ranches

Boys ranches for troubled adolescents - Information about how boys ranches can help troubled teenage boys